What we offer

Aside from a great place to do your (graduation) internship.

Financial compensation for your work. Instead of calling it ‘competitive’ you can find the exact figures here.

A boost for your C.V. with study-related work experience. This will make you stand out from the rest and increase your career opportunities. 

The opportunity to enhance your skills. Instead of learning techniques from power-point slides, you’ll implement and apply them on real-life challenges.

What we ask

You study Data Science or Computer Science, and you are enthusiastic about data science. We don’t ask you know specific languages, but you have some programming skills.

You can work well with others and aren’t afraid to talk with clients. We look for people that aren’t afraid to challenge the norm. 

You are open to learning and advancing yourself. Both in terms of technical skills, as well as professional skills. You accept feedback and welcome a little challenge.

How it works

Dutch Data Busters offers 3 ways to advance your data science career

Freelance projects

Are you a data science student, and would you like to earn some extra cash while also learning more about how machine learning and AI is used ‘in the field’? Than we have the perfect offer!

We only expect you to work ~8 hours per week (either 1 full day or 2 half days) on a project. You will be compensated per hour worked


If your study has an internship component, we can provide you with an exciting project. We will ensure that this project meets your institution’s requirements, and assist you in the required administrative tasks set by your institution.

We will compensate your hours with a fixed monthly internship reimbursement.

Graduation projects

If you are graduating in a bachelors or masters degree in data science, we will be excited to help you find an interesting project. Our staff of 2 post doctorates will make sure there is an academic component to the project, as well as help you in performing good academic research. 

Aside from our commitment to help you graduate, we will also reimburse you for your work.

What you’ll earn

You can join us as a part-time data scientist, or do an internship.


  • > Freelance projects
  • > Minimum of 8 hours per week

> Choose your own hours

€22 – €45  *

/ hour


  • > Full-time internships (40 hours per week)
  • > Assistance from our team

> Boost to your resume and network

€395 – €595  *

/ month

Graduation project

  • > Graduation internships (40 hours per week)
  • > Academic assistance from our PhD staff

> Boost to your resume and network 

€395 – €595  *

/ month

* Exact price depends on skill level

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