How we work

DutchDataBusters employs top-level students in the field of data science and software engineering to offer you affordable data research possibilities. We aim to help organisations with data oriented challenges and projects. Our students receive guidance from our project managers, who make sure every project is completed with full customer satisfaction. Every project is tailored to your exact needs, and will be managed by one of our project managers.

  • We are productive from day 1
  • We apply up to date academic knowledge
  • Our projects don’t end up in a drawer

Example projects

Data research – Artificial intelligence – Machine learning – AI Vision

Dashboading / Data migrations

Often data is collected in one system, but hard to use effectively. Data migrations and dash boarding projects can help you get the insights you need, by visualising your data in an attractive manner. Or by migrating data from one system to another, allowing more data-driven decisions to be made.

Feasibility studies

Data research can provide more insights than you might think. However knowing what is possible with your specific dataset requires tailored feasibility studies. Dutch Data Busters can offer interesting projects in the field of Feasibility studies, data discovery and proof of concept / prototyping. 

Machine Learning development

Where are the bottlenecks in your processes? What products should you recommend to your customers? Is there fraud in transactions.

These challenges require innovative Machine Learning solutions. Dutch Data Busters is your partner when it comes to implementing cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms.

About us

We are a CodeNext21 Initiative aimed to provide your organisation with high quality data analysis. Our projects are always managed by CodeNext experts, who will make sure the work of our students meets quality standards.

With our roots at Eindhoven University of Technology, our knowledge and skills are based on up-to-date academic technologies. We work closely with many departments to provide you with top level students

Founded by two Data Science graduates, we love building cutting edge A.I. applications for normal day-to-day situations in all kind of industries. Using our experiences from prior projects we are creating an easy to use A.I. development platform that helps developers in training, deploying and maintaining A.I. applications.

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Reference cases

Don’t take our word for it – this is what we did!

Unica excels in providing integrated services. Our students created a Data-driven model to bring cost calculation to the next level.
Based on the P.O.C presented, UNICA is able to do cost price calculation of complicated buildings with high accuracy within seconds.


We have trained a deep learning model on hours of game footage to recognize significant events like penalty corners, penalty strokes and goals.
After each game, we collect the position data of the players over time. Our model then identifies the most important moments so the players can watch their highlights within 15 minutes after the game.

Tribe is a UK Business-to-business Telecoms Provider with more than 35mlj phone calls per month. Our students were challenged to provide machine learning (ML) model to prevent telecom fraud. Based on CodeNext21’s ML21 platform a fraud prevention & interception solution was provided with a efficiency higher than 80% than the excising solution in place.

In the gynaecologie department of a hospital, too many “urgent” treatments were being scheduled, interfering with regular scheduled operations. Data At first glance there were no clear common factors. Out students performed a data-discovery and a created a process-mining model to find the root cause of these of these “urgent” treatments.


BERCO is Specialized in the development and assembly of truck interiors and car carpets. Our graduation students performed a process-mining model for the whole production facility of more than 100 machines, 150 operators 1200 distinct products, optimizing the manufacturing to increase throughput by over 20%

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